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Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Limited Lifetime Warranty

When purchasing a swimming pool, there are a few things that simplify your decision to purchase from one company or another. One of them is the warranty. How good is it? Who stands behind it? And will that company stand behind it when something unexpected happens?

Trilogy Pools Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Trilogy Limited Lifetime Warranty is the result of many years’ experience building thousands of swimming pools for families across the nation. When you purchase a Trilogy Pool, you can be assured that we stand behind our limited lifetime ownership warranty.

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Some of the Highlights of Your New Trilogy Limited Lifetime Warranty:

  • Quality Control Documentation Packet kept on file forever!
  • Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime Surface Warranty

Some might call this Overkill; we call it Peace of Mind!

Ask us for a copy of the Trilogy Warranty. Or...feel free to Contact Us for a copy. We'll gladly review the Trilogy Limited Lifetime Warranty with you!

Note: Our warranty has changed over the years. Your warranty is indicative of the warranty you were originally given at the time of your pool purchase.

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